Health Care High Wire

Episode 120: NIFS Episode Series Part 1-Kickoff Conversation

January 30, 2020

The National Institute for Fitness & Sports (NIFS) has been an industry leader in providing fitness management services for senior living communities.  LCS and NIFS have been partnering for over 15 years and throughout that time we’ve seen residents and communities benefit tremendously from having them in place.  

As experts in the field of not only fitness, but overall well-being, we’re excited to launch an episode series featuring Emily Davenport, Director of Fitness Management for NIFS.  Along with Tony Galvan, Director of Health & Wellness for LCS, a variety of topics will be discussed including programming best practices, wellness strategies and the overall leveraging of community lifestyle programs to make a difference in the lives of residents while providing communities with differentiation and a competitive edge.   

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